Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our Guruji

Guruji –
The God in human form –
 So daring, so attractive, so kind,
so loving, so caring, so forgiving,
so tolerant,  so contented,  never hungry,
never thirsty, never different, always fearless,
 bearing a large variety of smiles on his face,
talking with eyes,
an absolute designer of personalities,
He is ‘GURUJI’-
always mine & yours.
I consider myself a rare human, one
amongst billions who has been chosen by
God himself to be with Him.
With His name, we start this blog for the new generation, in their language to understand spirituality as it exists since eternity but as is understood today. Time and again, thoughts come to our mind about us, about our life, about the purpose of our life and many times we find ourselves lacking. In this space we discuss about the various aspects of life and way of living. To begin with one can visit the website:
for knowledge about what this is all about. Can also go the Group "Guruji Of Gurgaon" on Facebook by clicking on the following link:
Who knows why this blog was started today ? We will surely come to know in the future...........


  1. Pranaam GURUDEV!!! AAP KI SARVATRATA ka yeh adbhud pramaan hai.Jo bacchey AAP tak nahin pahunch paatey AAP swayam unn tak pahunch jaatey ho unn ka Kalyaan karney ke liye.AAP ke Shree Charno main hum sab ka barambaar pranaam GURUDEV